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Multiple Tornadoes Observed Over Northeast Kansas


Multiple tornadoes, including one that lasted an hour and a half over Dickinson county, were observed last evening.

There has been damage to structures and homes, but no word on specifics just yet. Storm survey teams are planning to head out

in the morning to assess the damage. Stay tuned for a full report by this afternoon.

Tornado Track 1:  Observed briefly south of Minneapolis, KS

Tornado Track 2:  Observed, long track, large tornado. Ottawa/Dickinson Counties in KS. Estimated duration of nearly 90 minutes

Tornado Track 3:  Likely tornado damage between Dwight, KS and Alta Vista, KS

Tornado Track 4:  Observed tornado near intersection of K31 and K99 south of Eskridge.


Photo courtesy of Ruffin McDaniel from northwest of Chapman