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Winter Weather Awareness Day
November 17th is Winter Weather Awareness Day in northeast Kansas.  This day is set aside to prepare for the cold, snow, and ice expected during the winter season in Kansas.  It is a day to promote safety preparedness for the potentially hazardous weather that winter brings each year.
The winter season can bring rapidly changing weather conditions, which often catches people off guard and, thus, unprepared for the hazards associated with winter weather.  Precipitation can begin as rain and quickly change to snow or freezing rain.  As you travel, make sure to obtain the latest weather forecast and road conditions before heading out.  Traveling even short distances in winter weather can mean dramatically different weather conditions.
Did you know in Kansas there have been approximately 300 vehicle related deaths in the past 20 years where snow or ice played some role?  It's clear that the greatest weather related risk to you and your family in Kansas is driving in ice and snow!

So how can you reduce this risk? The takeaway point is to slow down, wear a seatbelt, and pay attention in driving in ice and snow! Further resources and safety information are included below.