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Fall is a season of transition. Summertime conditions give way to the shorter days and longer nights of winter. In some areas of the country, like the mountains of the western U.S., wildfires remain a threat into the fall, all the while the first winter snows arrive early. If you live in or travel through these regions of “fire and ice,” know your risks, take action when needed, and serve as an example to others by being weather ready.

The deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history took place in the fall. On November 8, 2018, the Camp Fire started its deadly rampage through Paradise and the surrounding area, resulting in 85 lost lives and billions of dollars in damage. It showed how fast fire can spread and how little time you may have to take action.

For northern states and high-terrain areas, fall is a season that quickly changes to winter. That first snowfall doesn’t wait for the calendar and can make car travel particularly dangerous.

Prepare now so you don’t get surprised when the colors of fall turn white. This year’s fall safety campaign includes new wildfire preparedness infographics, explanations of the science of wildfires, and the health impacts of smoke. Help us build a Weather-Ready Nation by sharing this content with your family, employees, and social networks.

Fall 2019 Safety Campaign: