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  1. What is the mission of your organization?
    We are a public elementary school serving PreK-5 grade students.

    Brooks Elementary School (KY)
  2. What has your organization done to promote a Weather Ready Nation? (i.e. what did your WFO recognize your for?)
    We have developed a comprehensive safety plan that includes a color-coded map of our building and color-coded signs throughout the building notifying individuals of “Severe Weather Safe Zones” throughout the building.
  3. What does being an Ambassador mean to you?
    It is quite an honor to be nominated as a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador! We would like other schools to take our lead and take the preparedness for severe weather very seriously!
  4. What are your goals for the next year concerning preparedness?
    We will run through the plan several times to look for ways that we can continue to improve it.