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Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association
  1. What is the mission of your organization?
    Our mission is to promote the identification, evaluation, and reporting of dangerous weather. To lessen the burden of the National Weather Service and provide on-going severe/hazardous weather awareness and educational outreach to all individuals, institutions, volunteer, public safety and other served agencies requesting our resources. Our dissemination channels include (1) open door public meetings and speaking programs, (2) educational seminars, (3) handouts, (4) newsletters and fliers, (5) commercial and amateur two-way radio services, (6) internet and social media presence (Web pages, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Zello), and (7) E-mail lists (local, regional, national). The Milwaukee Areas Skywarn Association (MASA) is registered with the Wisconsin Secretary of State as a nonprofit corporation and is IRS 501c3 tax exempt operated for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes.
  2. What has your organization done to promote a Weather Ready Nation? (i.e. what did your WFO recognize your for?)
    During our spring storm spotter training classes we introduced the Weather Read Nation (WRN) concepts to the audiences. We also routinely use our dissemination channels to distribute WRN created graphics and messages. We also use our dissemination channels to distribute custom made graphics (some of which we had forwarded to WRN leaders), and custom messages.
  3. What does being an Ambassador mean to you?
    Being a WRN ambassador permits us to extend our reach from (only) the Skywarn storm community to a larger number of unaccounted stakeholders and the general public.
  4. What are your goals for the next year concerning preparedness?
    Our business model seems stable and successful. So we will continue to follow this directive.