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The Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise, also known as the Weather Enterprise for short, is comprised of three main sectors that contribute to the science and application of weather and weather forecasting -- academia, government, and America’s Weather and Climate Industry[1].

Each sector plays a critical role in understanding, observing, forecasting, and helping warn communities of danger; and all are working together to build a Weather-Ready Nation. Beyond just weather information, the Weather Enterprise works to meet the needs of water resource managers, businesses, farmers, and water-sensitive communities. Further, longer term decision makers use seasonal, yearly or even longer climate outlooks to help with extensive planning efforts, such as community or agricultural planning. There are very diverse needs and equally diverse users of weather, water, and climate information, which makes it essential for the different sectors of the Weather Enterprise to work together and meet the needs of a constantly changing society.

America’s Weather and Climate Industry (AWCI), also referred to as commercial weather providers build upon the foundational data provided by government, and provide additional foundational data, innovation, and specialized services to collectively meet the needs of businesses, communities, and individuals here in the U.S. and all over the world. AWCI works closely with the National Weather Service and NOAA to save lives, protect property, and enhance the national economy -- helping build a Weather-Ready Nation.
Below are various resources and links to AWCI and the products and services they provide.

[1] America’s Weather and Climate Industry includes all elements of the private sector (including media, consultants, equipment providers, etc.) which provide services to the public in the areas of climate, water, and weather, broadly defined (e.g., includes space weather). The term does not exclude foreign-owned companies which provide services to the American public.

Email and SMS Weather Alert ServicesEmail and SMS Weather Alert Services

The National Weather Service does not provide direct email/SMS alerts to the general public. Third party sources that deliver email and SMS weather alerts are listed at:

This list contains the providers/services that we are aware of, but may not be a complete list.





AWCIACommercial Weather Providers Serving the U.S.

Both National Weather Service (NWS) and the private sector maintain compilations of contact information for private sector meteorologists as well as private weather service companies that have indicated that they provide weather services within the U.S. Information on non-NWS and NWS listings can be found at:


Weather Services for Special EventsWeather Services for Special Events

NWS can work directly with state and local government officials, such as

Emergency Managers, to help ensure public safety. NWS also can provide outreach and education services (e.g., booth display) at special events.

Our partners in America’s Weather and Climate Industry can provide customized weather information, alerts, weather radar, communication devices, and consulting services. Support by AWCI can be organized, tailored and packaged to help you make decisions about how to plan and run your special event and for the management of the event, its participants and spectators.

More information on NWS and AWCI options can be found at