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***Note these may be cancelled on short notice due to weather and staffing limitations.***

This sheet is for education classes, spotter class information can be found on local office resource pages.

This sheet will only be updated once per week. Check the local office website for additional information and details.

Office Identifier Weather 101 Topic  Date of Talk Time of Talk How to Regiser to View
NHC Hurricanes At Home 4/7/20-5/14/20 11 am EDT
TAE-Tallahassee Different Topic Each week Wednesdays 11 AM EDT Facebook and Twitter Videos @NWSTallahassee
MHX - Morehead City, NC Various topics going foward (previous recordings available) Tuesdays/Fridays Usually 10 AM or 1 PM EDT
MHX - Morehead City, NC Hurricane Week Prep Talks 5/4/20 - 5/8/20 Likely 10 AM and 1 PM EDT
BGM-Binghamton, NY History of the National Weather Service Webinar 5/11/20 10 AM EDT
MHX - Morehead City, NC Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm Safety 5/12/20 10 AM EDT
BGM-Binghamton, NY Career Opportunities in the NWS Webinar 5/13/20 10 AM EDT
CRP - Corpus Christi, TX Weather-Ready Wednesday: Hurricanes 5/13/20 3 PM CDT
MHX - Morehead City, NC Rip Current Safety and Water Safety 5/15/20 10 AM EDT
PAH - Paducah, KY Guide to basic radar products 5/18/20 7 PM CDT
SJU-San Juan, PR 2020 Hurricane Season & Decision Tools PREMB 5/26/20 10 AM AST  
SJU-San Juan, PR  2020 Hurricane Season & Decision Tools VITEMA 5/28/20 10 AM AST  
TBW-Tampa Bay, FL Hurricanes at Home for grade 6-12 Girl Scouts 7/20/20 7 PM EDT