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Severe Thunderstorms Across the Upper Mississippi Valley and Central Plains; Excessive Rainfall Along the Texas Coast; Hot Conditions from the Ohio Valley to the Northeast

Scattered strong to severe thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds, hail and heavy rainfall will be possible this afternoon over the Upper Mississippi Valley and Central Plains. A low pressure system in the Western Gulf of Mexico will bring heavy to excessive rainfall for much of South Texas. A dangerous heat wave will impact much of the Midwest to the Northeast through this week. Read More >

One of the services provided by the Fort Worth Center Weather Center Service (CWSU) is to provide twice-per-year refresher training on both warm season convective (thunderstorm) hazards and winter weather hazards. Links to the training presentations provided by the Fort Worth CWSU can be found below both in a recorded video format and as slides in PDF format.

Training Series Video Slides
Warm Season: thunderstorms, gust fronts, density altitude, etc. (updated Feb. 2024) MP4 File (24.1 MB) PDF File (3.5 MB)
Cold Season: icing, turbulence, winter weather, low ceilings/visibility, etc. Coming soon! Coming soon!