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Tropical Storm Fay in the Atlantic; Severe Storms in the Plains; Excessive Heat and Fire Weather Threats in the West

Summer is in full swing! Tropical Storm Fay will bring heavy rain with flash flood potential, and isolated tornadoes to the Mid-Atlantic and New England. Severe storms in the Plains may produce intense winds, very large hail, and locally heavy rain. Excessive heat 110 to 121 F is possible in the Desert Southwest into early next week. Critical fire weather threats continue for portions of the West. Read More >

Crosswind/Headwind components for: DFW

Latest observation as of 211653Z
KDFW 211653Z VRB04KT 10SM CLR 19/07 A3028 RMK AO2 SLP250 T01940067
Wind Direction: 0 degrees
Wind Speed:        0 knots
Based on sustained speed:
Crosswind Rwy 18/36: 0 knots
Crosswind Rwy 13/31: 0 knots
Headwind Rwy 36: 0 knots
Headwind Rwy 31: 0 knots

Crosswind/Headwind components from the latest TAF for: DFW

Begin Date: 10th   Begin time: 21Z      End Date: 11th   End time: 24Z

XW: Rwy 18/36
HW: Rwy
XW: Rwy 13/31
HW: Rwy
10 / 21Z
160 °
3 kts
18: 8 kts
3 kts
13: 7 kts

If a gust is forecast, a range of crosswind components (XW) will be listed.
The first value is based on the sustained wind speed, the second value is based on the forecast gust speed.
Headwind components (HW) are based on the forecast sustained wind speed.
999° indicates a forecast variable wind. In this case the speed is set to zero such that crosswind/headwinds are zero.

Table generated:  October 10, 2016 11:30:06 PM UTC