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Moderating Temperatures for the East; Developing Storm for the Plains

Temperatures will continue to moderate across the east half of the nation through at least the first half of this week. A developing storm across the Southern Plains may bring some heavy rain from the Plains to the lower Great Lakes region, a wintry mixture and accumulating snow across the Midwest and Upper Mississippi Valley into mid-week. The west remains unsettled with occasional rain and snow. Read More >

Crosswind/Headwind components for: DFW


Begin Date: 11th   Begin time: 12Z      End Date: 12th   End time: 18Z
XW: Rwy 18/36
HW: Rwy
XW: Rwy 13/31
HW: Rwy
11 / 12Z
20 °
2 kts
36: 5 kts
4 kts
31: 2 kts
11 / 16Z
80 °
5 kts
36: 1 kt
4 kts
13: 3 kts
11 / 19Z
130 °
4 kts
18: 3 kts
1 kt
13: 5 kts


If a gust is forecast, a range of crosswind components (XW) will be listed.
The first value is based on the sustained wind speed, the second value is based on the forecast gust speed.
Headwind components (HW) are based on the forecast sustained wind speed.
999° indicates a forecast variable wind. In this case the speed is set to zero such that crosswind/headwinds are zero.


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