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If you are planning on attending one of the spotter training courses, please call the number (if given) to register. Please call (601) 936-2189 to schedule a spotter training course for your county or community. Sessions typically last one to two hours and cover the basics of how to detect severe weather and relay severe weather information.

Date Time County/Parish City/State Location Contact Information
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  Unless otherwise noted, spotter training courses are open to the general public.






SKYWARN® is the National Weather Service program of trained, volunteer weather spotters. Storm spotters come from all walks of life including fire fighters, law enforcement, amateur radio operators, and any plain-old weather enthusiast. SKYWARN® spotters coordinate with local emergency management officials and send reports of weather-based phenomena to the NWS.

In addition to serving as a community's first line of defense against dangerous storms, spotters provide important information to warning forecasters who make critical warning decisions. SKYWARN® storm spotters play a critical role in relaying to the NWS vital ground-truth data, which in turn helps the NWS perform their primary mission, to save lives and property.

The NWS Forecast Office in Jackson maintains communications with area emergency managers, law enforcement and spotters who report via phone calls, social media, or the internet during severe or adverse weather events.

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