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Events in November, 2017/The Year 2017 So Far
October, 2017 Monthly Report/Other Reports
October started off very warm, with record heat in places. The pattern changed during the latter half of the month, with colder air arriving and a couple of widespread freezes occurring. As the transition from warm to cold took place, there was one round of severe weather and widespread wind damage. Unfortunately, appreciable rain was not as widespread, and drought conditions resulted.
Monitoring Drought in Arkansas
The Outlook for this Winter (Dec, 2017 - Feb, 2018)
Fall is Here, So When Does it Usually Freeze?
Billion Dollar Weather Disasters Across the U.S. in 2017/Since 1980 (in PDF)
Simplifying Winter Hazards in National Weather Service Products
2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook
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NWS Campaigns to Save Lives
Flash flooding and lightning are a thunderstorm's deadliest offspring. Educational information is provided to help people deal with these killers.
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