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Heavy Rains and Potential for Flash Floods

Severe thunderstorms with damaging winds and heavy rains will be possible from the Ohio Valley to the Northeast Tuesday. In addition, heavy rains possible in the central Plains and southern Rockies. Heavy rain threat moves into the southern Mid-Atlantic Wednesday. Dry conditions remain out west where isolated dry thunderstorms could exacerbate ongoing fires and start new fires. Read More >




NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio (NWR) broadcasts 24 hours a day, relaying forecast, watch and warning information to the public across the nation.

NWR not only broadcasts weather information but also is the primary vehicle for the Emergency Alert System (EAS) which provides emergency notification targeted at specific areas (including Shelter-In-Place Warnings, Civil Emergency Messages, Fire Warnings and 911 outage information to name a few). 


Listen Live:  San Angelo NOAA Weather Radio!!!


Transmitter  San Angelo County Warning Area  
1000 Watts
162.400 MHz
San Angelo
1000 Watts
162.550 MHz
300 Watts
162.475 MHz
1000 Watts
162.475 MHz
300 Watts
162.500 MHz
Richland Springs
1000 Watts
162.525 MHz
300 Watts
162.425 MHz
1000 Watts
162.425 MHz




NOAA Weather Radio Support:



NWR receivers can be purchased for as little as $20 and provide a good piece of mind during severe weather.  After properly programming your new radio, you can expect to be notified of inclement weather or of a threat to your neighborhood.  A loud audible alert accompanies the more urgent messages.

The National Weather Service in San Angelo operates 8 transmitters across West Central Texas.  These transmitter sites are found in the table above.