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An Active Start to the Week

A slow moving and large-scale system will produce widespread rain and thunderstorms the next few days across the central and southern Plains into the Mid to Lower Mississippi Valley. Severe storms will be common across Texas through Tuesday before spreading eastward. The locally heavy rain will produce possible flooding and have a similar transition to the east through midweek. Read More >

NWR Transmitter/Receiver Problems?

Problems receiving the NWR broadcast can be due to issues with the NWR transmitter, your NWR receiver, or possibly both.
Please check the list of known outages/degraded service shown below and the special notices before reporting an outage.

NWR Stations that have either degraded performance or are currently offline.

Click on a red Red Icon Image or yellow Yellow Image Icon icon to view transmitter details
Yellow Image IconDEGRADED - Indicates that a transmitter is operational but experiencing a temporary reduction in the quality of service such as coverage area, audio quality, etc.
Red Icon ImageOUT OF SERVICE - Indicates transmitter is temporarily non operational due to problems such as a power outage, antenna damage, etc.





Special Notices

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[+] "Beeping" on certain Midland receivers and the weekly test


[+]  WWF42 Ponca City, OK is degraded (5/03/2022)


[+]  KIH35 Pittsburgh, PA is out of service (4/26/2022)


[+]  WXJ35 Portales, NM is out of service (4/12/2022)


[+]  WXL90 Des Moines, NM is out of service (3/29/2022)


[+]  WWG76 Kulani Cone, HI is degraded (3/24/2022)


[+]  WZ2540 North Kohala, HI is degraded (3/24/2022)


[+]  WWF39 Hawaii Kai, HI is degraded (3/24/2022)


[+]  WXM35 Hays, KS is degraded (3/3/2022)


[+] WWF37 Carlsbad, NM is out of service (2/11/2022)


[+]  WXN24 Artesia, NM transmitter is Out of Service (1/19/22)


[+]  Multiple Alaska transmitters are Out of Service (1/12/22)


[+]  WNG728 Bellflower, MO transmitter is Out of Service (07/16/21)