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Marengo County Tornado...February 15, 2003

In what was believed to be the first tornado in Alabama in 2003, a small tornado touched down briefly in the northern half of Marengo County between Linden and Demopolis. No injuries or deaths were reported with the short-lived tornado.

The tornado first touched down about 1.6 miles west-northwest of Providence on the west side of US 43 and about half a mile south of County Road 44. The tornado traveled northeasterly moving across County Road 44 and through the western sections of Chickasaw State Park. Where it first touched down, two mobile homes were damaged and a number of trees were either uprooted or snapped off.

The tornado damaged one house significantly on the west side of US 43 just north of Chickasaw State Park and moved across US 43 downing several more trees. The tornado ended after crossing US 43 about 2.1 miles north of Providence on the east side of US 43.

The tornado was rated an F1 primarily due to the damage done to the house just north of Chickasaw State Park. The tornado path length was 2.5 miles with a width of about 80 yards. The tornado began around 8:36 pm and ended at approximately 8:40 pm.

The weak tornado was produced on the north side of what meteorologists refer to as a bow echo (in radar image below, bow echo is within white circle). Cycloninc rotation is often induced on the north side of the center of the bow. Bow echoes are known primarily for producing downbursts or straight line wind damage but also have the capability of producing weak tornadoes as apparently happened in this case.

Tornado Watch Number 8 was issued at 5:40 pm and included Marengo County. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued for Marengo County at 7:43 pm valid until 8:45 pm.


Map of Marengo County Tornado

Mobile home damaged near start of the tornado track

Front porch removed near the start of the tornado

House just west of US 43 near Chickasaw State

Outbuilding/travel trailer west of US 43 near Chickasaw State Park

Radar image during the tornado event

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