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Super Outbreak - March 21, 1932


"This is regarded as the worst tornado day on record in modern Alabama history. A series of tornadoes swept across the state and before the afternoon was over, 268 persons died and 1,874 were injured. In Shelby County, Columbiana was hardest hit, with 15 killed, as the storm struck at dusk. Damage was almost beyond estimate"

...This article taken from Shelby County Reporter
Columbiana, Alabama
September 7, 1972.

"At Lawley, Alabama, an automobile was picked up by the tornado and carried at least 50 feet."

...This article taken from The Tuscaloosa News
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
February 25, 1968.

"The Northport Tornado struck around 4 pm CST. Ninety eight homes were destroyed and hundreds of other homes and buildings were damaged. The twister caused at least 2,000 persons to be temporarily homeless. The Northport-Tuscaloosa area was almost like a city hit by a bomb. Druid City Hospital was not equipped to handle such a disaster so the University of Alabama gym was converted into a temporary hospital. Most of the fatalities and injuries were from the Northport area. The tornado leveled the Tuscaloosa Country Club but did not hit downtown Tuscaloosa. National Guardsmem were called out to prevent looting. A tent city was constructed to provide quarters for some of the people without places to stay. An extra edition of the Tuscaloosa News was printed at 7 pm."

...This article taken from The Tuscaloosa News
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
February 25, 1968.

"The Homewood Plantation in Hale County, 4 miles north of Faunsdale, is an empty roofless shell of its former self. Twelve people were killed on the plantation and at least 18 were injured. A dozen tenant cabins were blown completely away, the large dairy barn was flattened and the grove was left a tangle of broken trees and limbs. In an old tree stump, a horse collar, a dead pig and a 3 year old baby were found jammed together. Several people were found several hundred yards away after the storm. An iron pot sailed through the air nearly a half mile. The estate of Richard Harris a quarter mile away was swept clean but none were killed there."

...This article taken from an unknown newspaper.

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1932 Super Outbreak
Tornado near Shelby County
Photo by W.M. Russell
1932 Super Outbreak
"Northport, Ala....A scene on the site of the cotton warehouse of Northport, following the disastrous tornado that swept the region Monday March 21st. This and four other sites were hard hit, a total of 275 deaths being compiled."
Photo courtesy of The Alabama Department of Archives & History
1932 Super Outbreak
Reprint of the March 21, 1932 front page in
The Birmingham News, March 21, 1982