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The Dixie Tornado Outbreak - April 24, 1908

At least 34 tornadoes touched down generally east of the Mississippi River from April 23 through April 26, 1908. These tornadoes generally occurred from Texas to Georgia, then northward from Oklahoma to Tennessee.

The violent storms killed at least 320 people and injured over a thousand citizens. One of the hardest hit communties was Purvis, Mississippi, where the town was completely leveled and 55 citizens lost their lives.

At least four tornadoes touched down in Alabama during this outbreak of severe weather. These tornadoes were responsible for approximately 48 fatalities and at least 260 injuries.

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Damage Rating/Estimated Maximum Wind Speeds
Damage Path Length/Width
Starting Point/Time
Ending Point/Time
188 Injured - 35 Fatalities
105 Miles/1000 Yards 
240 pm
415 pm
Cherokee County
F-4 Tornado 
50 Injured - 11 Fatalities
16 miles/Moved into Georgia 
710 pm
22 Injured - 2 Fatalities
5 miles
200 yards
900 pm


None Recorded
4 miles
300 yards
930 pm



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Surface Analysis
Surface Analysis
Apr. 24th 8 am
Courtesy NOAA Central Library
Surface Analysis
Surface Analysis
Apr. 25th 8 am
Courtesy NOAA Central Library