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Localized Flooding (Jefferson County)
July 26, 2017

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Satellite data on the morning of July 26th, revealed a wedge of drier air across the E/NE counties and a N-S oriented convergence band near/along I-65. No obvious old outflow boundaries were noted, but enhancements in the cumulus field began fairly early within the convergence zone. It wasn't long before showers began to develop within this zone, especially along the ridges and higher elevations. Then, outflow boundary collisions provided additional focus for thunderstorm development.

The localized flooding in and around the Vestavia Hills and Hoover areas was the result of boundary collisions, very heavy rainfall, poor runoff/drainage in the urban areas, and flashy creeks. There were at least 3 different outflow boundaries that contributed to the  thunderstorm development over the area...1) Northwestward-moving outflow from ridgetop convection along Jefferson/Shelby Co line, 2) Southward-moving outflow from dying shower near Adamsville, 3) Northward-moving outflow from collapsing storm near Indian Springs. Although there was movement with the storms over Vestavia Hills, the rainfall was very intense. Radar estimates showed upwards of 2 inches of rain in just one hour. Storm total rainfall amounts of 2-4 inches were noted. Significant flash flooding occurred near/along Hwy 31. At least a couple vehicles were swept downstream in the floodwaters. Much of the flooding was due to Patton Creek overflowing its banks. Thankfully, no injuries or deaths occurred.


Satellite & Radar

Satellite & Radar Radar Loop
This satellite/radar combo loop from that morning clearly shows the convergence zone near/along I-65. You can see the first showers of the day develop within this zone, focused more within the higher elevations. This loop of reflectivity (left) and velocity (right) shows the evolution of the heavy rain over the Vestavia Hills and Hoover areas. In the loop, you can see the different boundaries collide. During this time, heavy rainfall persists as additional development occurs.

Rainfall Totals

Preliminary Rainfall Totals


KBMX Upper Air Soundings

KBMX Sounding KBMX Sounding

KBMX Sounding 26 July 7 AM

KBMX Sounding 26 July 7 PM


Flooding GIFs and Pictures

Flooding Flooding Flooding

Vestavia Hills
Relayed via @FoamGuys1

Behind Anthony's Car Wash in Vestavia Hills
Courtesy of @DavisVonHagel

Vestavia Hills
Courtesy of @WBRCnews

Flooding Flooding Flooding

Highway 31 at Park South Plaza
Courtesy of @WBRCnews

Deo Dara Drive and Hendrick Auto Mall in Hoover
Courtesy of @JasonJDeLuca

Truck Swept Away into Patton Creek at Southland Drive in Hoover. The driver was rescued.
Courtesy of Jonathan Hardison (@FOX6Hardison)


Flooding Videos