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Shelby County Microburst - July 29, 2005


National Weather Service meteorologists surveyed storm damage near downtown Calera in southern Shelby County. The damage occurred late in the afternoon of July 29, 2005.

At approximately 500 pm CDT, a thunderstorm microburst reached ground level just north of State Highway 25 in the vicinity of the Calera Fire Department, roughly one quarter mile west of Highway 31. From that location, the microburst spread southward and outward in a fan-like pattern for approximately 0.9 miles. At the widest point, the damage area was approximately 1.1 miles wide. Throughout this area, numerous trees, including mature oak and pecan trees of 3 to 4 feet in diameter, were uprooted. The greatest damage was centered along 16th Street, from 20th Avenue to 22nd Avenue. The National Weather Service estimates that winds of 60 to 70 mph were associated with this thunderstorm microburst event.

At least 4 homes were damaged by falling trees, as well as several fences, sheds and out buildings, with no injuries or fatalities reported.

Calera Damage Calera Damage Calera Damage
Calera Damage
Calera Damage