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Flash Flooding of August 10, 2017

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Several flash flood events occurred across Central Alabama during the late afternoon and evening hours on Thursday, August 10th. Mesoscale features contributed to the development of thunderstorms containing heavy downpours. A Mesoscale Convective Vortex (MCV) tracked eastward across Mississippi during the morning hours. A line of thunderstorms oriented south to north developed over southwest Alabama along the leading edge of the MCV. At the same time, a sea breeze line of thunderstorms oriented west to east formed over south Alabama. The MVC line of thunderstorms moved eastward while the sea breeze storms moved northward. The two lines of storms collided over south central Alabama which resulted in a band of 3-6 inch rainfall amounts from southern Chilton County, and extending southeast across Autauga, Montgomery, and Pike Counties. Additional outflow boundary collisions enhanced rainfall rates in some locations within this band. The Montgomery Regional Airport had the highest rainfall total (5.73 inches), with 5.01 inches occurring in just 1 hr and 22 min! Troy Municipal Airport recorded 4.11 inches for the day, with 3.31 inches falling in just 1 hr and 33 min. Numerous roads were flooded and impassable in the cities of Montgomery and Troy.

Another band of heavy rainfall developed along an outflow boundary moving northward from the south Alabama thunderstorms. The zone of heaviest rainfall amounts extended from the Jefferson/Blount County line southeast across southern St. Clair County, northern Talladega County, Clay and Randolph Counties. Here again, the collision of smaller outflow boundaries contributed to the enhancement of rainfall rates in some locations. Rainfall amounts of 4-7 inches were reported in areas such as Roanoke, Rock Mills, Ashland, Lineville, Warrior, and Springville, with one report of 7.21 inches in Roanoke. Numerous roads were reported flooded and impassable in these areas. Major flooding was also reported in the city of Roanoke with several roads and bridges washed out and water rescues performed.


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Complete list of local storm reports can be found here.


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Flooding Pic

George Wallace Dr in Troy
Courtesy of the City of Troy

Flooding Pic

George Wallace Dr in Troy
Courtesy of Beth Bavaro

Flooding Pic

Spradley Dr in Troy
Courtesy of Kris Ross

Flooding Pic

Elba Hwy in Troy
Courtesy of Pike County EMA

Flooding Pic

Elm St. in Troy
Courtesy of Keith Judy

Flooding Pic

Henderson Hwy in Troy
Courtesy of Austin Turner

Flooding Pic

Shellhorn Rd in Troy
Courtesy of Sara Garcia





Clay County

Flooding Pic

Clay County 30 near Dinner Creek Rd
Courtesy of the Clay Times-Journal

Flooding Pic

Cragford Rd at Shiloh VFD
Courtesy of Wesley Sparks










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