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Tornado Event - October 25-26, 2010

Event Summary for Central Alabama

As part of a major extra-tropical system that rolled across the northern United States from Sunday, October 24th through Thursday, October 28th, a lingering cold front stalled across central Alabama producing several waves of severe weather.  This extra-tropical system, which bottomed out at a record 955 millibars over Minnesota, produced extensive damage across the plains and midwest.  Scattered thunderstorms affected central Alabama throughout the event producing numerous reports of wall clouds and funnel clouds, but only two areas received tornado damage through the event.  Here is the summary of those tornado events:



Location/Clickable Detailed Summary Link
Damage Rating/Estimated Maximum Wind Speeds
Damage Path Length/Width
Starting Point/Time
Ending Point/Time
100-110 mph
12.1 miles
600 yards
205 am
218 am
80-90 mph
4.3 miles
200 yards
910 pm
917 pm


Public Information Statement from October 25th | Local Storm Reports from October 24-25th, 2010

Public Information Statement from October 26th | Local Storm Reports from October 25-26th, 2010


Tornado Watch 711 was in effect from 135 am CDT until 9 am CDT on October 25th.
Tornado Watch 730 was in effect from 805 pm CDT until 2 am CDT on October 26th.

Severe Weather Episode Data



surface analysis oct 25
Surface Analysis
October 25 1 am
Sfc Analysis Oct 26  Surface Analysis
October 26 7 pm
spc outlook
Day 1 Severe Weather Outlook
Issued Oct 24
spc outlook
Day 1 Severe Weather Outlook
Issued Oct 26
storm reports
Storm Reports
October 25
storm reports
Storm Reports
October 26