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Oneonta Tornado...November 10, 2002

The F1 rated Oneonta Tornado began at 10:22 pm, about 1.4 miles southwest of Allgood just west of State Route 75. The tornado traveled across Allgood, downing trees and doing some damage to structures. It then traveled across Boat Landing Road, where trees were downed, and then crossed Springville Boulevard where several structures were damaged. The tornado then clipped the southeastern sections of Oneonta before turning more easterly.

The tornado crossed County Road 29, where two more structures were damaged, and then crossed US Highway 231. Additional trees were downed along Montgomery Drive. The tornado continued to down trees as it dissipated just after moving into Etowah County, ending at 10:32 pm.

The path length of this tornado was 10.6 miles, with a width of about 300 yards. No deaths or injuries were reported. However, Blount County Emergency Management did report that two cows were killed by falling trees.

Tornado Watch Number 748 was issued at 4:35 pm. Tornado Warnings were issued for both Blount and Etowah Counties at 10:03 pm.

Thumbnail images below link to full sized images. All photos were taken by National Weather Service personnel.

  Map of the damage path
Map of the damage path.