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Centre Tornado...November 10, 2002

The Centre Tornado touched down near Highway 411, just to the east of the Cherokee Country Club. It then traveled northeast, crossed over Cowan Creek, and damaged houses along County Road 40 at approximately 1122 pm CST. The tornado continued its northeastward movement and crossed over County Road 16 at approximately 1125 pm CST. One death was reported in a mobile home at the point where the tornado crossed over County Road 16. From this point, the tornado crossed County Road 31, damaging more homes before moving over Spring Creek. The tornado then turned more to the east-northeast, damaging even more homes, before finally lifting near the Eastern end of Weiss Lake near Mud Creek.

The Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency estimates that 88 homes were either damaged or destroyed as this tornado moved across the county. In addition to the one fatality, there were also 4 injuries reported.

The tornado was on the ground from 1120 pm CST to approximately 1132 pm CST. It had a path 10.5 miles long, and at its widest point was 440 yards wide.

A Tornado Watch was in effect for Cherokee County from 1005 pm CST until 400 am CST. A Tornado Warning was in effect for Cherokee County from 1110 pm CST until Midnight CST.

Thumbnail images below link to full sized images. All photos were taken by National Weather Service personnel.

Trees down
Trees down near southern tip of Weiss Lake.
Tree down west of Tuckers Crossroads
Trees down on east shore of lake, west of Tuckers Crossroads.
Lake house
Damage to interior of a lake house.
Lake house
More lake house damage, west of Tuckers Crossroads.
Car and other debris
Car among damage debris, near Tuckers Crossroads.
Tuckers Crossroads damage
View from above of damage near Tuckers Crossroads.
Tuckers Crossroads damage
Another overhead view near Tuckers Crossroads.
Damaged roof
Damaged roof.
More debris, south of Alexis
More debris, south of the Alexis community.
Damage near the end of the path
Damage near the end of the tornado's path.
Map of the damage path
Map of the damage path.