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Boley Springs Tornado...November 10, 2002

The fifth tornado of the evening, the Boley Springs Tornado, occurred in extreme southeast Fayette County beginning at 9:10 pm. The tornado first touched down on the south side of County Road 46 about a mile west of Boley Springs. The tornado crossed CR 46 going across the north side of Boley Springs. A lumber Mill was damaged along with a mobile home. Numerous trees were downed.

The tornado then moved into open county where additional trees were downed. It ended around 9:15 pm about 3.9 miles east-northeast of Boley Springs. This was rated an F1 tornado, with a path length of 4.3 miles and width of 90 yards. No injuries or deaths were reoprted with this tornado.

Tornado Watch Number 748 was issued at 4:35 pm. A Tornado Warning was issued for Fayette County at 8:55 pm.

Thumbnail images below link to full sized images. All photos were taken by National Weather Service personnel.

  Map of the damage path
Map of the damage path.