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Experimental Flood Inundation Mapping
Village Creek at Avenue W in Ensley, AL

 These maps are considered experimental and should be used as a guide only when attempting to assess the magnitude of expected flooding. Some corrections may be needed upon the review of future floods in the area. The maps work best in Firefox but can also be viewed in other browsers.

These Flood Inundation Maps show the extent of flooding expected spatially over a given area. These maps will indicate where roadways, streets, buildings, etc., are likely to be impacted by floodwaters. The easily accessible map graphics will provide users more awareness of the flood hazards in the Ensley-Pratt City area. Combined with river observations and NWS river forecasts, the goal of these inundation maps is to provide decision-makers additional information needed to better mitigate the impacts of flooding and build more a resilient community.

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The National Weather Service would like to thank the following for their help with this project:

ADECA - Office of Water Resources

Jefferson County Department of Information Technology - GIS Division


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