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Your National Weather Service in Birmingham occasionally issues other products of interest.  These products are only issued when needed, so please check times of the products!



· Significant Weather Alert (SPS)


(these links may bring up a Special Weather Statement instead)
A "Significant Weather Alert" is issued in lieu of a Short Term Forecast when forecasters at NWS Birmingham believe a significant weather event is expected in the next hour or two. Significant weather can include gusty winds, frequent lightning, small hail, or other non-severe weather.

· Public Information Statement (PNS)


The "Public Information Statement" may be issued for other reasons than those directly weather-related.  A Public Information Statement may talk about the NOAA Weather Radio, media events, or other non-weather related subjects.

· Record Event Report (RER)
  Birmingham / Montgomery


A "Record Event Report" is used to note when any climate record is tied and/or broken. Separate products are issued for records in Birmingham and Montgomery.  This would include record high or low temperatures, and record rain or snow.  A Record Event Report will state what type of record has been broken, what the old record was, and what the new record is.

· Air Quality Index (AQI)


The "Air Quality Index" product is issued when the Alabama Department of Environmental Management issues an Ozone Alert for any portion of central Alabama. This is done to heighten awareness of air pollution and air quality issues.

· Earthquake Information Report (EQR)


An "Earthquake Information Report" is sent out after an earthquake is felt in the area.  The report is preliminary, and may be updated if additional information is received.