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2020 SKYWARN Classes & Information! 


Online SKYWARN Spotter Classes

We offer several ONLINE Basic Spotter Courses and a single Advanced Spotter Course each spring and fall. These online classes are FREE, and allow individuals to complete the course(s) in the comfort of their own home or office with the use of By attending any course, which runs about 2 hours, individuals (or a group of individuals) will become SKYWARN Spotters. To see when these classes will be held, scroll down or click hereTo schedule a LOCAL Basic Storm Spotter class in your area, please contact your county Emergency Management Office.

Unless you'd like to or are in need of a refresher, you do not need to attend more than one Basic SKYWARN Course, as the material covered is the same; however, we require you to attend at least one Basic SKYWARN Course before taking the Advanced SKYWARN Course. These courses are two-way, meaning you will be able to interact with the meteorologist leading the training. You will be muted while training is in-progress, but you may use the built-in chat feature to ask questions.

If you would like to review our spotter training at any time, a PDF version is available below, in the 'Spotter Information' section.



How to Attend an Online SKYWARN Spotter Class

You may attend any spotter course via: your Internet browser using web-based, or your tablet using the app., available for download in Google
Play and the Apple App store. 

Internet browser:

  1.  Go to  
  2.  Select the green button located on the right of the web page labeled
     'Join Meeting.'
  3.  You will then be prompted to enter a nine-digit code. The code corresponds to the time and date of the course   you wish to attend. Scroll down to the class schedule or click here to retrieve your code.
  4.  Enable your audio feed by selecting the green audio button at the top of the window. Select "Call by   Internet" in the drop-down menu. app.:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Enter your nine-digit meeting code under the green "join" section. The code corresponds to the time and date of the course you wish to attend. Scroll down to the class schedule or click here to retrieve your code.
  3. Enable your audio feed by selecting the green phone icon at the top of the window. Select "Call by  Internet" in the drop-down menu.


Additional SKYWARN Learning Material

Though not a requirement, as a warm up to the spotter classes, NWS Birmingham would like those who plan on attending the online classes, or even our locally scheduled classes, to view the following FREE online training modules:


                        MetEd Image                                                                     MetEd Image


The "Role of the SKYWARN® Spotter" module is used to provide baseline training for all spotters through multiple scenarios covering the procedures for spotting (including communication and storm report criteria), safety considerations for all hazards, and an overview of the national program and its history. The "SKYWARN® Spotter Convective Basics" module will guide users to a basic understanding of convective storms. Through three different scenarios, you will cover reporting and proper communication of local storm reports to the National Weather Service (NWS), personal safety during these events, and field identification of convective storm hazards. After completing the scenarios, you will be given the opportunity to practice identifying storm features from a spectrum of photos.


Central Alabama SKYWARN Spotter Class Schedule for the Spring 2020 Severe Season

We're currently planning the spring 2020 storm spotter classes series. Check back in late January to early February for our online class schedule.


Online Classes



Session Code
Enter Code at
Please Read Instructions Above

Tuesday, October 01 / 1PM
Forecaster Holmes

Basic 311-943-999
Thursday, October 03 / 630PM
Forecaster Satterwhite



Tuesday, October 08 / 630PM
Forecaster Satterwhite

Basic 207-142-069
Thursday, October 17 / 630PM
Forecaster Davis

Basic 487-062-501
Thursday, October 24 / 1PM
Forecaster Holmes

Basic 319-671-009
Monday, October 28 / 630PM
Forecaster Satterwhite

Basic 327-797-522
Thursday, November 07 / 630PM
Forecaster Davis

Advanced 763-403-007
TBD means To Be Determined.
Classes are ~2.0 hours long unless otherwise indicated

All times are Central unless otherwise noted.


On-site Classes





Monday, September 30 / 6PM
Forecaster Satterwhite




Elmore County Courthouse

100 E Commerce Street
Wetumpka, AL


Tuesday, October 15 / 6PM
Forecaster Davis


Southern Union State Community College, Building 8

Campus Map

1701 Lafayette Parkway
Opelika, AL


Tuesday, October 22 / 7PM EASTERN TIME
Forecaster Laws






Russell County Emergency Management Agency Operations Center

311 Pretiss Drive
Phenix City, AL

TBD means To Be Determined.
Classes are ~2.0 hours long unless otherwise indicated

All times are Central unless otherwise noted.



SKYWARN is the National Weather Service (NWS) program of trained volunteer weather spotters. Storm spotters come from many walks of life, including fire fighters, law enforcement, and amateur radio operators. SKYWARN storm spotters provide important ground truth information to NWS warning forecasters who make critical warning decisions during severe weather, and help the NWS perform its primary mission to save lives and property.


Spotter Information

*In Adobe PDF format, a free download.


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