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Alabama Tornado Database

1905 Tornado Occurrences (1)  () Indicates Total Path Data Multi-State
Tornado # in Year Year Month Day Time (CST) County Damage Scale Path Length (Miles) Maximum Path Width (Yards) Fatalities Injuries Location
1 1905 3 20 1720 Chambers-Randolph

Storm Survey

Storm Information

Storm Information

**(Continued into Heard Co, Ga)
5 SW Roanoke-Doublehead-Glenn-2.8 NE Rock Mills
Several small homes were swept away and 6 to 7 people were killed. This occurred on two plantations near the Bacon Level community. A mother and daughter were killed just east of Rock Mills and six members of a family were killed on the Holley Plantation.
Approximate Location
Start: 33.10/-85.43
End: 33.18/-85.25