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Snowstorm of December 8, 2017
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Significant snow fell across a large portion of Central Alabama along a southwest-to-northeast axis. This snow fell from December 8th into December 9th. Within the main corridor of snow, totals of 4 to 8 inches were common, with a few swaths of 8 to 12 inches. A few reports exceeding 12 inches were received from Clay into Cleburne Counties: one 15 inch report in Delta (Clay Co.), and two 13 inch reports (Cleburne Co.). While public reports are considered unofficial, values were fairly consistent and tend to indicate this event was a top-tier ranking snowstorm for some locations in East Alabama. Birmingham officially recorded 4 inches of snow, making it the 3rd snowiest December on record.

During the early portion of the event, temperature profiles were marginally supportive of wintry precipitation due to surface/low-level temperatures a few degrees above freezing, and many areas were receiving rain or a rain/snow mix; however, by daybreak, many areas had made the change to snow thanks to a few variables: colder air moving in from the north; a period of drier air aloft that allowed for evaporative cooling/wet bulbing; and higher precipitation rates. Through the afternoon, snow continued to fall across much of Central Alabama and, while surface temperatures were varied with some areas at freezing and some a degree or two above freezing, notable accumulations began to manifest. An overrunning setup provided an hours-long fetch of moisture from the southwest, and lift alongside favorable conditions in the snow growth zone resulted in swaths of heavy snowfall and large snowflakes. Colder air had not yet made it to areas near and southeast of the I-85 corridor, and those areas continued to see rain during the afternoon; however, a change to snow occurred into the evening and nighttime hours just in time for the last surge of precipitation, with little to no accumulation.

Temperatures were not terribly cold during the event, resulting in the snow being heavy/wet in nature; this combined with high snow rates resulted in tree branches and trees being downed, causing several areas of power outages across Central Alabama, some of which lasted into the 1 to 2 day range following the event.

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Satellite/Surface/Upper Air


MODIS Satellite Dec 9th

MODIS Visible Satellite Dec 9th

MODIS Satellite Dec 10th

MODIS Visible Satellite Dec 10th

Satellite Loop

GOES-13 Visible Loop Dec 9th

Surface Charts

Surface Chart

6 AM Dec 8th

Surface Chart

12 PM Dec 8th

Surface Chart

6 PM Dec 8th

Surface Chart

12 AM Dec 9th

Surface Chart

6 AM Dec 8th


KBMX Upper Air Soundings

KBMX Sounding

6 AM Dec 8th

KBMX Sounding

10 AM Dec 8th

KBMX Sounding

6 PM Dec 8th

Upper Air Charts

250mb Chart

250 mb Chart at 6 AM Dec 8th

500mb Chart

500 mb Chart at 6 AM Dec 8th

850mb Chart

850 mb Chart at 6 AM Dec 8th

250mb Chart

250 mb Chart at 6 PM Dec 8th

500mb Chart

500 mb Chart at 6 PM Dec 8th

850mb Chart

850 mb Chart at 6 PM Dec 8th


Alabaster (Shelby Co)
Courtesy of Susan Falls Bailey

Saginaw (Shelby Co)
Courtesy of Tara Goggins

Alexander City (Tallapoosa Co)
Courtesy of Brandi Pitts

Anniston (Calhoun Co)
Courtesy of John McBride

Birmingham (Jefferson Co)
Courtesy of Jade Suade

Buyck (Elmore Co)
Courtesy of Holley Collier

Calhoun Co
Courtesy of Michelle Miklik

Clanton (Chilton Co)
Courtesy of Alabama EMA

Brierfield (Bibb Co)
Courtesy of Patrick McCarty

Centre (Cherokee Co)
Courtesy of Christina Mladucky

Chelsea (Shelby Co)
Courtesy of Corky Landwehr Adams

Clanton (Chilton Co)
Courtesy of David Sillasen

Columbiana (Shelby Co)
Courtesy of Travis Braden

Concord (Jefferson Co)
Courtesy of John Talbot

Heflin (Cleburne Co)
Courtesy of Steve Jones

Goodwater (Coosa Co)
Courtesy of Aiden Lee Baker

Dixons Mill (Marengo Co)
Courtesy of Tamara Norris

Fredonia (Chambers Co)
Courtesy of Robin Gilbert

Courtesy of Hueytown PD

Highland Park (Jefferson Co)
Courtesy of Ashley Waring

Forney (Cherokee Co)
Courtesy of Jeremy Crowden

Hueytown (Jefferson Co)
Courtesy of Ali Thompson

Homewood (Jefferson Co)
Courtesy of Sarah Swindle

Jemison (Chilton Co)
Courtesy of Lori Bice

Jacksonville (Calhoun Co)
Courtesy of Daniel Johnson

Kellyton (Coosa Co)
Courtesy of Breanna Walters

Lake Tuscaloosa (Tuscaloosa Co)
Courtesy of Richard Scott

Lake View (Tuscaloosa Co)
Courtesy of Karen King Handley

Hollins (Clay Co)
Courtesy of Lynn Tidwell

Hollis Crossroads (Cleburne Co)
Courtesy of Tammy Roberson Deese

Moundville (Hale Co)
Courtesy of Phyllis Samuel

White Plains (Calhoun Co)
Courtesy of Jordyn Wells

Linden (Marengo Co)
Courtesy of Amber Bracknell

McCalla (Jefferson Co)
Courtesy of Brian Romine

Montevallo (Shelby Co)
Courtesy of Matt Walker

Pelham (Shelby Co)
Courtesy of Jordan Kelly

Weaver (Calhoun Co)
Courtesy of Michelle Miklik

Clay (Jefferson Co)
Courtesy of Jason Wood

Maylene (Shelby Co)
Courtesy of Mary Keiser

Rainbow City (Etowah Co)
Courtesy of Megan Lynn Fields

Straight Mtn (Blount Co)
Courtesy of Travis Tucker

Osceola (Cherokee Co)
Courtesy of @rc355461

Sylacauga (Talladega Co)
Courtesy of Cayce Williams

Odenville (St. Clair Co)
Courtesy of Emily Nesdore



Lake Purdy (Leeds, AL) - Courtesy of Matt Ezell (YouTube)


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