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Overview of Thurman, Colorado Tornado

On August 10th, 1924, a tornado developed west southwest of Thurman, Colorado around 245 pm.  The tornado tracked east northeast and affected a local gathering of 27 people, at the farm of Henry Kuhns, 4 miles east northeast of Thurman. 10 people were killed at the farm while another person died of injuries four months later.  Of the 11 people killed, 9 were children with ages ranging from 1 to 15.  It was estimated to have been an EF4 tornado. This remains the deadliest tornado on record for the state of Colorado.




EF Rating and other Characteristics

Outside of the date and fatalities, all of the details below are estimates based on newspaper accounts and other sources.  The Maximum Width has two different sources with one saying it was 200 yards while another claims it was up to 1/2 mile.  In addition, there was at least one other tornado, prior to the development of this tornado, which occurred north of Thurman.

Date August 10th, 1924
Time (Local) Around 245 pm
EF Rating Estimated EF4
Est. Peak Winds 166-200 mph
Path Length Estimated 10 miles
Max Width Not known
Injuries/Deaths 7 Injuries/11 Deaths

The Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale classifies tornadoes into the following categories:


65-85 mph
86-110 mph
111-135 mph
136-165 mph
166-200 mph
200+ mph




Track of Tornado

The track of the tornado is based on newspaper reports along with collaboration from citizens that live in the area.  The tornado began roughly 3 miles west southwest of Thurman and eventually lifted as it moved east northeast of the Kuhns Farm.  Major damage occurred at the farm and 11 people were killed, mostly children.  The Kuhns Farm was located roughly 4 miles east northeast of Thurman based on old newspaper articles and collaboration from citizens living in the area.  Most of the people killed were buried in the cemetery as denoted on the map.  This cemetery still exists today.




Photo's taken shortly after the tornado (courtesy of Rocky Mountain News and Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection).