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Additional Heavy Rain in the Southwest into Sodden Texas, Spreading East This Week

An upper trough tapping into tropical moisture will continue producing locally heavy rain from the Southwest and Four Corners into Texas. Willa remnants deepen across Texas on Wednesday forming into a coastal low that is forecast to move slowly eastward into the Florida Panhandle later this week. Meanwhile, a system in the Northeast may produce several inches of snow across portions of Maine. Read More >

NWS Boulder Recognizes Cooperative Observers for their Lengthy Service

The National Weather Service in Boulder CO recently awarded several Cooperative Observers for their dedicated service. The Cooperative Observer (Coop) program is a National network of observers, over 8700 strong, who take daily weather observations for the Nation’s weather forecasts and warnings and as part of the climate record. The volunteers are provided with calibrated instruments and training to do their important work. Four sites have tallied 200 years of combined service this year, and are a mix of individual observers and institutions such as government agencies, educators, and power companies.

Hugo Colorado – 25 years

Marvin Thaller and his wife Estelle have been taking official Coop observations at their house in Hugo for the past 25 years. That is a big number for an individual observer, and their dedication also continues a record of observations at Hugo that dates back to 1893. While they were excited to receive their award, Marvin and Estelle were more excited about the recent birth of their great-granddaughter. Congratulations!

Hugo CO 25 year Length of Service Award

Jim Kalina (Observation Program Leader, NWS Boulder CO), left, presents Marvin Thaller (center) and Estelle (right) with their 25 year award.

University of Northern Colorado – Greeley CO – 50 years

The University of Northern Colorado at Greeley received an Honored Institution Award for 50 years of service. The University’s Meteorology Program is responsible for the Coop site on university property, and uses it for educational purposes as well.  Over the years students have taken the majority of the observations, and the experience has opened the door for many when applying for careers in the Meteorology field.

UNC Greeley receives its Honored Institution Award for 50 Years of Service

Left to right: Wendilyn Flynn (Assistant Professor of Meteorology), Greg Hanson (Warning Coordination Meteorologist Boulder CO), Tony Ingle (UNC Senior), Jonah Pehl (UNC Sophomore), Cindy Shellito (Professor of Meteorology).

Xcel Energy Cabin Creek Pump Storage Facility – 50 years

The Cabin Creek Pump Storage Facility located near Georgetown CO has been generating electricity for 50 years, and taking weather observations since it first went online.  The control room operators take the daily observations as part of their routine duties, and were on hand to receive their Honored Institution Award. The facility expects to continue to generate power and take weather observations for another 50 years.

Xcel's Cabin Creek Facility receives its Honored Institution Award for 50 Years of Service

Left to right: Greg Hanson (Warning Coordination Meteorologist NWS Boulder CO), Adam Droll (Xcel Energy control specialist), Pat Martinez (Xcel Energy Cabin Creek plant manager), Ken Kleiman (Xcel Energy apprentice control specialist), and Jim Kalina (Observation Program Leader NWS Boulder CO).

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Field Office – Simla CO – 75 years

The Honored Institution Award was presented to the Natural Resource Conservation Service Field Office, Simla, Colorado for 75 continuous years of weather observations. The NRCS’ Benny Kitten has taken observations for the past 25 years in contribution to the 75 year total. This is a great example of cooperation between government agencies on complementary program areas: weather and agriculture.

USDA NRCS Simla receives its Honored Institution Award for 50 Years of Service

Left to right, Greg Hanson (Warning Coordination Meteorologist NWS Boulder CO), Benny Kitten (Civil Engineer USDA NRCS), and Jim Kalina (Observation Program Leader NWS Boulder CO).