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Did it snow at your house? How much did my neighbor get? Which parts of my county got significant rain?  Snow and rain patterns in Colorado can vary dramatically over short distances, even on the plains. We'd like your help in documenting these patterns!

CoCoRaHS (The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network), CSU’s Colorado grown citizen rainfall network, is looking for volunteers to measure precipitation in their own backyards and report their observations via the Internet ( It’s fun and easy and only takes five minutes a day! With over 10,000 volunteers reporting every day across the U.S. and 700 reports in Colorado, CoCoRaHS measurements are being used for important daily and long-term decision-making on drought and water supply for agricultural, recreation, utility providers, resource managers, teachers, scientists and homeowners. Organizations like the National Weather Service use CoCoRaHS data on a daily basis across the county.

All it takes is a standard rain gauge, a place to put it, the internet, and a few minutes a day.  If you're interested in the weather, this is a fun daily activity!

Sign up today at !  You can also watch a video about measuring snow here: