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Heat Impacts Using the Experimental Tool HeatRisk

The National Weather Service in Boulder is exploring the use of a new way to represent the impacts of heat on the human body, called "HeatRisk". The Heat Risk product describes the risk posed to the general population due to heat via a 5-tier system. This process combines multiple factors that influence heat stress (not just temperatures), applying local climatology and established health impacts to create dynamic heat thresholds that vary by area and time of year. It provides a simple, quick view of the potential heat stress as it applies to your local area.



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Day 1
Day 1 HeatRisk
Day 2
Day2 HeatRisk
Day 3
Day 3 HeatRisk
Day 4
Day 4 HeatRisk
Day 5
Day 5 HeatRisk
Day 6
Day 6 HeatRisk
Day 7
Day 7 HeatRisk