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GIS Data
What is GIS?
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a system that captures, stores, analyzes, manages and presents data that
is geographically referenced. ArcView and Google Earth are two of the most common programs that display geographically referenced data.

The form of data that will be provided on this page will comprise mainly of KMZ files (Google Earth) and shapefiles (ArcView and other software).



The following files (containing tornado tracks) are for use with GIS software. The KMZ (compressed KML) files are intended for applications such as Google Earth or ArcGIS Explorer. Right click on the link(s) of your choice and "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" to your computer. View using the appropriate application(s). When opening KMZ files in Google Earth, please note it will initially load in the temporary places folder.

For a description of each event (if there is one available), including damage on the HTML link provided. 

* When clicking on photos within Google Earth, please be patient as it may take a little time for them to load

Items of Interest
2014 Events KMZ HTML
February 11-13 Winter Storm KMZ HTML
January 28-29 Winter Storm KMZ HTML


Items of Interest
2012 Events KMZ HTML
June 29 Maximum Temperatures KMZ HTML


Items of Interest
2011 Events KMZ HTML
February 04-05 Heavy Rain KMZ HTML
January 09-10 Snowfall KMZ  


Items of Interest
2010 Events KMZ HTML
December 26th 2010 Snowfall KMZ HTML
May 3rd 2010 Fairfield County Tornado KMZ HTML
March 28th 2010 Tornado Event KMZ HTML
February 12-13th Heavy Snow KMZ HTML


Items of Interest
2009 Events KMZ HTML
April 9th-10th Tornadoes KMZ HTML


Items of Interest
2008 Events KMZ HTML
March 15th Tornadoes KMZ HTML



KML/KMZ and shapefiles are available on a national level for current weather, past weather, forecast information, fire weather and more at the following links.

Items of Interest
GIS Data Portal
National KML/KMZ page
National Shapefile Page

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