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Erie, PA Microburst

Erie, PA
Begin Time:
03:30 PM EST
End Time:
04:20 PM EST
Wind Gust:
61 mph (Walnut Creek Access)
Property Damage:
$ 250.0 K
A line of severe thunderstorms moved off Lake Erie and into northern Erie County. Winds of 60 to 70 mph accompanied the line of storms at it moved quickly east across the county. A 61 mph wind gust was measured at the Walnut Creek Access. People at an outdoor concert near the Perry Landing docks in Erie were evacuated a few minutes before the storm hit. Several boats at the docks were damaged. Some homes nearby also sustained damage. One cottage was cut in half by a fallen tree and at least three other homes were heavily damaged by trees. Dozens of additional trees were downed elsewhere in the county.

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