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The StormReady program was designed to aid communities in preparing for and mitigating against the impacts of extreme weather.

StormReady helps communities with communication and safety protocols that will aid in protecting lives and property during all stages of an event (before, during, and after). 


StormReady Communities in the Cleveland CWA


To officially become StormReady, a community must:

  • Establish a 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center.
  • Have more than one way to receive severe weather warnings and forecasts and to alert the public.
  • Create a system that monitors weather conditions locally.
  • Promote the importance of public readiness through community seminars, such as SKYWARN talks.
  • Develop a formal hazardous weather plan, which includes training severe weather spotters and holding emergency exercises.
  First Recognition Latest Renewal Date Expiration Date
Huron County 10/31/2001 12/10/2018 10/18/2021
Sandusky County 7/7/2005 7/1/2017 7/1/2020
Crawford County, PA 12/19/2006 10/26/2018 12/19/2021
Richland County 12/7/2007 11/13/2019 11/7/2022
Lucas County 4/22/2008 4/15/2020 4/22/2023
Knox County 9/15/2010 7/26/2019 9/3/2022
Cedar Point Amusement Park and Resorts 5/1/2012 9/2/2018 5/1/2021
University of Akron 12/3/2012 3/20/2019 12/3/2021
Cuyahoga County 4/24/2013 4/24/2019 4/24/2022
Millcreek Township, PA 4/14/2014 4/14/2017 4/14/2020
Erie County, PA 3/28/2017 3/12/2020 3/28/2023
Edinboro University 7/2/2018   7/2/2021
Wayne County 7/17/2018   7/17/2021
Bowling Green State University 3/13/2019   3/13/2022
Ohio State University - Mansfield Campus 7/26/2019   7/26/2022
Ohio State University - Marion Campus 7/26/2019   7/26/2022
Ohio State University - Wooster Campus 7/26/2019   7/26/2022
University of Toledo 2/20/2020   2/20/2023

Wood County

2/20/2020   2/20/2023

Kent State University

5/28/2020   5/28/2023


Please visit the National Weather Service StormReady website for more information.


StormReady Supporters in the Cleveland CWA


A StormReady Supporter is a business, organization, or other small entity who actively engages in severe weather preparedness and weather safety, but is unable to meet all the requirements to become a full StormReady site. The designation lasts for 5 years before having to apply again.

  Recognition Date Expiration Date
WKYC TV 1/21/2016 1/21/2021
Aurora Farm Premium Outlets 6/24/2016 6/24/2021
Summit Mall 6/24/2016 6/24/2021
University of Pittsburgh - Titusville Campus 2/22/2018 2/22/2023

Please visit the National Weather Service StormReady Supporter page for more information.