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Lake County Flooding

Rainfall amounts of nearly 10 inches were recorded from rainfall that fell over a 20 hour period. Rain began Thursday morning, let up for a little while in the afternoon, and then some of the heaviest rain fell during the overnight hours Thursday night. Flooding occurred over a wide area stretching from Cuyahoga County and Lake County in northern Ohio into Crawford County, Pennsylvania. The Grand River at Painsville crested over four feet higher then its previous record level.

radar estimated storm total rainfall

hydrograph of the Grand River at Painesville


Part of our post-assessment involves looking back at the event and determining what areas are affected at certain river stages. In order to assist us in determining the impacts the Grand River had in this record flood, we are looking for your pictures if they have a time stamp. This can either be stamped directly on the picture or a time that your digital picture photograph software reveals to you and you relay that information to us. They can be emailed to: Please include the date, time, and a detailed description of the location of the image. Images need to be less than 6000 KB total to be sent in one e-mail. Thank you very much! privacy policy