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Storm Survey's Confirm at Least Three Tornadoes in Northern Ohio from Storms of August 9th, 2007.


Storm surveys were conducted by National Weather Service survey teams and by local Emergency Management authorities across northern Ohio. Most of the damage reported across northern Ohio was to trees and was the result of downburst straight-line thunderstorm winds. These winds occurred mainly with the gust front - the leading edge of the strong winds. At least three locations received confirmed tornado damage although small spin up tornadoes or funnel clouds may have also occurred along this gust front.

Tornado - Shelby (northwest Richland County) - 4:06 PM, 3/4 mile path length, 10-20 yards wide. Rated EF0. Minor damage occurred to several homes. One factory had roof damage and a wall partially collapsed. Numerous trees were downed. Winds estimated at 80 mph.

Tornado - 3 miles northeast of Sullivan (northeast Ashland County) - 4:30 PM, 1/2 mile path length, 20-30 yards wide. Rated EF1. Two school buildings were damaged and a house sustained minor damage. Winds estimated at 90 mph.

Tornado - 2 miles north of Lodi (southern Medina County) - 4:35 PM, 1 mile path length, 50 yards wide. Rated EF1. Three barns were destroyed.Some farm animals were killed or had to be put down. Downburst wind damage was also observed as was significant crop damage due to hail. Winds estimated at 100 mph.

Other damage surveys are scheduled. The lack of a survey or lack of confirmed damage does not preclude a storm from ultimately being confirmed as a tornado if trained spotters observed a tornado and the doppler radar signature collaborates the event. The total number of tornadoes from the Thursday, August 9th storms may not be known for some time.