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The month of May has started more like Summer than Spring, as temperatures have been well above average. Around northern Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania, the average high temperature for early May is in the upper 60s and the average low temperature is in the upper 40s. On May 7-11, many locations experienced temperatures 15-25 degrees above average, which resulted in high temperature records being broken. The image below shows the sites that tied or broke high temperature records on May 7-11, 2015 with temperatures in the upper 80s. 


Table of record high temperatures set on May 7-10, 2015. Records at Akron-Canton, Mansfield, and Youngstown were tied on May 7. Records at Akron-Canton, Cleveland, Mansfield, and Youngstown were broken and the record at Toledo was tied on May 8. Records at Akron-Canton and Cleveland were tied and the record was broken at Erie on May 9. The high temperature record was tied at Erie on May 10. The high temperature record was broken at Cleveland on May 11.