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Tornado Confirmed Near West Lodi in Seneca County Ohio


Public Information Statement


Location...West Lodi in Seneca County, Ohio
Date...November 5, 2017
Start Time...4:53 pm EST
End Time...4:54 pm EST
Maximum EF-Scale Rating...EF-1
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...105 mph
Maximum Path Width...180 yards
Path Length...0.44 miles

* The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event(s) and publication in
NWS Storm Data.

The National Weather Service in Cleveland OH has confirmed a
tornado near West Lodi in Seneca County Ohio on November 5, 2017.

A tornado touched down just west of North County Road 27 in West
Lodi. The tornado proceeded eastward through the northern part of
the town, damaging at least 5 residences in the process. Storage
sheds on two properties on the western extent of the damage were
completely destroyed and the contents were scattered throughout
the area. Debris from the sheds were launched into their
associated residences with projectiles sticking into three of the
four sides of each house. These two homes also sustained
structural damage with roof damage and foundational shifts evident
in the survey. Structures across the street received various
degrees of roof and window damage. Numerous trees were twisted
and snapped falling on additional homes in the area. The damage
continued to the northeast flattening a corn field before
dissipating near Township Road 134.

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For reference: the Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes
into the following categories:

EF0...Wind speeds 65 to 85 mph
EF1...Wind speeds 86 to 110 mph
EF2...Wind speeds 111 to 135 mph
EF3...Wind speeds 136 to 165 mph
EF4...Wind speeds 166 to 200 mph
EF5...Wind speeds greater than 200 mph




Map of the West Lodi Tornado Track as Described by the Above Public Information Statement