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An occluded low pressure system across the Upper Midwest lifted a warm front north through the area on Wednesday, April 17, with convection firing along and just ahead of an approaching cold front towards the west. Rapid air mass recovery occurred in the wake of morning convection, sustained by a 40 to 50-knot southwesterly 700 mb jet punching into the region. The dry air associated with the 700 mb jet was likely associated with large-scale subsidence on the back side of the occluded low across the Upper Midwest. MLCAPE values reached around 1000 J/kg under 40 to 45 knots of bulk layer shear, most of which was contained within the 0-3 km layer. Hodographs were fairly impressive, especially below 700 mb with clockwise-curved profiles, owing to the multiple rotating storms and tornadoes in addition to strong bowing segments. Several tornadoes occurred across the region, including a high-end EF-1 in Bucyrus (Crawford County, OH), a high-end EF-1 in Windham (Portage County), and an EF-0 in Southington and Champion Townships (Trumbull County).

"Sandwich" (Visible + Infrared) satellite loop overlaid with GLM from roughly 1130 AM to 930 PM on April 17, 2024.
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