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...Changes in River Flood Services for the Blanchard River in the City of Findlay....

Effective March 1, 2021, the National Weather Service in Cleveland will raise the minor, moderate, and major flood stages at the river flood warning point on the Blanchard River in Findlay. Recent and ongoing mitigation efforts in the region have reduced flood impacts across the City of Findlay. Following an assessment of the watershed and collaboration with local officials, the new flood stages have been thoroughly reviewed and approved.

Table 1: NWS River Forecast Point Flood Stages for the Blanchard River at Findlay

Flood Category
















Minor flood stage will be raised from 11.0 feet to 12.0 feet. Moderate flood stage will be raised from 12.0 feet to 13.5 feet. And major flood stage will be raised from 13.5 feet to 14.5 feet. It is necessary for the National Weather Service and local floodplain officials to periodically evaluate changes in the watershed that can impact river flood warning services. The raising of the flood stages reflect the positive effects mitigation efforts are having on the Blanchard River watershed. If more changes are made to reduce flood impacts in the region, then further reviews will be taken to adjust flood stages.


Additional river forecasts can be found at: The data for this and other river forecast sites in the area are provided by the USGS. Without this critical data, forecasts and warnings would not be possible. The USGS website is: For further information regarding these changes please contact:

Sarah Jamison

Senior Service Hydrologist

National Weather Service

Cleveland Ohio