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SUBJECT:  River Forecast Services for the Scioto River at Prospect Ohio will be modified effective November 3rd, 2021.


Effective Wednesday November 3rd, 2021 the National Weather Service will change the official flood stage at the Scioto River official forecast point at Prospect. The minor flood stage will change from 9.0 feet to 12.0 feet. Moderate and major flood stages will remain unchanged. 

It is necessary for the National Weather Service to periodically update flood stages at river forecast points as changes, both natural and manmade, occur over a watershed. These updates are needed to ensure the best quality river forecasts and resulting warnings to local communities. The NWS, Ohio River Forecast Center (OHRFC), and Local and County Officials have supported the above corrections. 



Flood Category

Current Stage

Proposed Stage





Flood impacts within Delaware County don't occur until about 12 feet.  Historically, NWS Wilmington had provided Delaware County with separate flood warnings for this higher criteria. Recent mitigation along the river in Marion County has prompted the flood stage to be set to 12 feet affecting Marion County, as well.

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The data for these sites are provided by our partner the USGS. Without this critical data forecasts and warnings would not be possible. The USGS website is : HTTP://OH.WATER.USGS.GOV

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