National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

NWS provides end-to-end climate services: From observations to prediction to user outreach at national, regional, and local levels

  • National: Real-time products and information that predict and describe climate variations on timescales from weeks to year(s); monitoring and assessment of the state of the climate; modeling and applied research; partnerships
  • Regional: Coordination and oversight of regional climate services delivery and local programs; outreach; requirements; partnerships
  • Local: Deliver products and service to users, outreach and education; local climate studies; partnerships

‚ÄčNWS Climate Information is used to:

  • Inform the Energy Sector
  • Inform the Transportation Sector
  • Support National Security
  • Set Crop Prices and Crop Insurance Rates
  • Support Tourism and Recreation
  • Support the Nation’s International Goals

The Climate Services Branch (CSB) is the lead programmatic unit overseeing the NWS Climate Services Program, and climate prediction operations plans, policies, and procedures.  Its mission is to ensure NWS has the capacity to develop and deliver reliable climate services integrated with weather and water information through user engagement, policy development, data stewardship, incorporation of research into operations, training, education, and outreach in collaboration with partners.  It is the primary link to the public and the climate prediction constituent community to identify and validate climate service needs and establish operational requirements for climate observations. 

You can contact the CSB team by e-mail:

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) develops and delivers operational predictions of climate variability, real-time monitoring of climate and the required data bases, and assessments of the origins of major climate anomalies. The products cover time scales from a week to seasons, extending into the future as far as technically feasible, and cover the land, the ocean, and the atmosphere, extending into the stratosphere.

The Regional Climate Services Program Managers (CSPMs) support the NWS local offices as the liaisons to national offices, ensuring local compliance to NWS climate services policies, and providing applied science, technologies, tools, communication, and training. The CSPMs also initiate, coordinate, and foster regional partnerships and climate services activities.

The local NWS offices are the most common points of entry for users requesting information, and the Climate Services Focal Point (CSFP) is the staff member within the office who would most often respond to climate-related requests. However, the provision of climate services is a team effort, often requiring participation of several members of the office.