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Visiting Partners Program EmblemClimate Services Branch (CSB) welcomes climate partners who would like to visit NWS!

Strengthen partnerships by establishing mutually beneficial relationships through face-to-face communication and collaboration between NWS and the broader climate community.


The Visiting Partners Program (VPP), led by NWS Climate Services Branch, was established to meet the needs of the climate community by 1) building stronger relationships, 2) improving communication and coordination, 3) developing new collaborations and projects, 4) assessing and understanding user needs, and 5) expanding the overall climate network.

Individualized Visits:

  • All-inclusive and unconstrained process to individualize each visit, meeting the needs of climate partners, whether internal or external to NWS
  • Work with VPP Coordinator on setting up an agenda with activities to include (but not limited to) the following:
    • Meet with NOAA staff from several different office, for example: NWS Climate Services Branch, Climate Prediction Center, Climate Program Office, NWS Water Resources Branch, Office of Hydrologic Development, etc.
    • Participants may spend time on a collaborative project(s) with the host office.
    • Visitors may join host activities such as map briefings, forecast development, etc.


Visitors who would like to participate in the program are encouraged to submit responses to the questionnaire using the link here: LINK.  The questionnaire provides valuable information in order to develop an individualized agenda tailored to meet the needs of the partner.

Visitors provide their own funding for the visit.  Visits are scheduled whenever possible, but please note that during periods of high demand, scheduling may have to be delayed.  Priority will be given to requests in the order they are received.

Requirements for Participants

  • Provide an introductory briefing to the host office during visit regarding participants' background, climate-related work/projects, climate concerns/needs, ideas for potential collaborations, etc. Briefing templates can be made available to participants upon request.
  • Work with VPP Coordinator on travel arrangements.
  • Complete evaluation and outcomes survey after visit.