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Late Season Winter Storm To Impact Portions of Southeast Wyoming

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A significant hailstorm impacted Cheyenne, Wyoming on the afternoon of July 29, 2016. Hailstones ranged from golf ball to baseball size as a supercell thunderstorm moved south through the city. The hailstorm formed north of Cheyenne and intensified quickly as it moved south. The largest hailstones fell over western portions of Cheyenne, including Frontier Park and F.E. Warren Air Force Base.

The supercell thunderstorm produced a persistent rotating wall cloud, however no tornadoes developed. 

Many vehicles around Frontier Park were heavily damaged with cracked windshields. Many homes along and west of Interstate 25 sustained significant roof, siding and roof damage. Two persons were injured at Frontier Park.


Supercell thunderstorm moving over F.E. Warren AFB

Credit: Jason Alter

Image Image Image

Storm near Cheyenne

Credit: Ashley McMillen

Storm from the backside taken north of Cheyenne. Hail pouring out of the storm

Credit: Tammy Hunter

Hail from College and South Greeley Highway

Credit: Anna Swank

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