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July 19, 1979 marks the day of the most destructive tornado in Wyoming's history. The main ingredient for the development of the Cheyenne tornado was an outflow boundary from previous thunderstorms moving south from western Nebraska. In addition, abundant mid level moisture advected in from the northeast and the presence of low level wind shear enhanced the risk for severe thunderstorms that day. 

Initial thunderstorm development was around noon, in central Colorado and south central Wyoming. The tornado was first reported at 3:10 PM by a weather service employee due west of Cheyenne. The tornado began near the intersection of Vandehi Ave and Valley View Rd. and began to move east for approximately 9 miles.

The majority of the damage was over residential areas of Buffalo Ridge and a nearby mobile home park. It is estimated 200 homes were destroyed with 37 injuries and 1 death. 


Tornado moving east near Buffalo Ridge 

Credit: Unknown

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