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A devastating hail storm struck the small town of Pine Bluffs, WY on June 27, 2016. The initial storm began to form over Cheyenne and shifted east around 15 mph along interstate 80. Quarter size hail reports were received on interstate 80 east of Cheyenne. The storm quickly intensified and hail up to golf ball size fell over the town of Pine Bluffs. Along with the destructive hail, winds up to 60 mph were reported. 

Wind driven hail produced significant damage to the homes, businesses, and vehicles along interstate 80 and the town of Pine Bluffs. The Wyoming National Guard and the Red Cross assisted the town with clean up efforts.

Below are pictures, radar, reports received, and the Storm Prediction Center's outlooks for July 27th. 

Hail falling in Pine Bluffs

Credit: Jackie Fornstrom

Piles of hail along the roads in Pine Bluffs

Credit: Derede Danden

Car damage in Pine Bluffs

Credit: KNEB

Uprooted trees in Pine Bluffs

Credit: KNEB

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