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A supercell thunderstorm developed during the late afternoon on September 10th in northern Platte County, WY. The storm initially produced large hail up to baseball size near Glendo, WY.  The storm rapidly intensified as it moved east, prompting a Tornado Warning at 3:08 PM. The Platte County Emergency Manager reported seeing the tornado 2 miles south of southeast of Hartville at 3:09 PM and crossed the Platte/Goshen County border around 3:15 PM. Around 3:19 PM, a storm chaser reported seeing a wedge shaped tornado 8 miles east-northeast of Guernsey. This supercell thunderstorm continued to produce tornadoes as it approached and moved east of Highway 85. The storm's mesocyclonic rotation remained strong over the course of 25 miles producing multiple tornadoes and large hail until around 4:45 PM when the final tornado reportedly dissipated.

Three members of the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office in Cheyenne along with officials from Goshen County investigated the damage north of Fort Laramie. Numerous ranches in the area suffered roof damage, tree damage, and barn collapses. Additionally, livestock and wildlife were lost in the storm. Based on the damage surveyed, the team estimated peak winds of 130 MPH classifying the tornado as an EF-2.





Tornado northeast of Guernsey.

Credit: Dan Fitts

Image Image Image

Tornado north of Lingle at 4:35 PM.

Credit: Ryan Shepard

Tornado north of Fort Laramie at 3:35 PM.

Credit: Aaron Rigsby

Hailstone around 4 inches in diameter 15 miles north of Lingle at 3:55 PM.

Credit: Dan Fitts


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