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Winter Storm to Impact the Western and Central U.S.

A developing storm will impact the western mountain ranges through Thursday. This storm will track inland across portions of the Rockies, High Plains and upper Mississippi River Valley for the remainder of this week. Further south, the chance for severe weather will extend from the Ohio Valley into the lower Mississippi River Valley Friday into Friday night. Read More >


Larry Ruthi, Meteorologist in Charge, 620-225-6514

Jeffery Hutton, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, 620-225-6514

   Beginning on 15 July the Dodge City (KDDC) WSR-88D radar operated by the NOAA National Weather Service in Dodge City, Kansas will be down for approximately seven days for the replacement of the generator, fuel tanks, and accompanying components. This activity is important to support the radar’s operation during periods of commercial power outages, specifically when hazardous weather is present. This generator update is the fifth major project of the NEXRAD Service Life Extension Program, a series of upgrades and replacements that will keep our nation’s radars viable into the 2030s.

    NOAA National Weather Service, the United States Air Force, and the Federal Aviation Administration are investing $150 million in the seven year program. The first project was the installation of the new signal processor; the second project was the transmitter refurbishment; and the third project was refurbishment of the pedestal; the fourth project was refurbishment of the equipment shelter. The Service Life Extension Program will complete in 2023. During the downtime, adjacent radars include: Goodland (KGLD), Pueblo (KPUX) Amarillo (KAMA), Vance AFB (KVNX), Wichita (KICT) and Hastings (KUEX). For direct access to any of these surrounding radar sites, go to the following web page:

   The Dodge City WSR-88D is part of a network of 159 operational radars. The Radar Operations Center in Norman, Oklahoma, provides lifecycle management and support for all WSR-88Ds.

   For a radar mosaic loop of the Upper Mississippi Valley, including the Central Plains: The National Weather Service in Dodge City, Kansas can be found on social media at and